the different types of terrestrial globes

    Long before ultra-realistic maps and advanced technologies gave us an accurate picture of the reality of our Earth, the terrestrial globe was both a scientific instrument and a piece of ornament. If it has been modernized over time, it has lost none of its original uses.

    Office Models

    Placed on a coffee table, a desk, a shelf, or a bedside table, these terrestrial globes and Heirloom Globe Collection are shared between a multitude of different styles. With their short base and their intermediate sizes, they are the most widespread among all the models because they link practicality, aesthetic appearance, and cartographic information. From the most classic to the most interactive, there is a suitable globe for each need!

    A Traditional Terrestrial Globe

    Most often about thirty centimeters in diameter, a classic terrestrial globe will already bring together a few thousand places and geographical objects distinguished from each other by bright colors. Depending on the model, these will highlight mountains, deserts, forests, grasslands, and underwater physical features—the ideal addition to any office or classroom.

    A Luminous Globe For Children

    An interactive and vivid world map, with beautiful highlighting of continents, oceans, deserts, capitals, and geographical borders by LED lights. Perfect for nighttime learning and creating a pleasant light spot in a child’s room or playroom.

    A Luminous Terrestrial And Celestial Globe

    Why choose when it is possible to combine both features in a single globe? For terrestrial globes such as Replogle Globes for example during the day, some models will turn into celestial globes at nightfall, with a clear and complete display of the 88 constellations listed. Sometimes accompanied by additional interactive applications and illustrated booklets to learn more about geography and the stars.

    A Cork Globe

    Original and light, the cork globe seduces with its natural, almost rustic appearance. Far from ultra-precise maps, this one will offer a minimalist view of all the world’s countries, soberly represented in black or white. It usually comes with thumbtacks to trace past trips and plan future ones.

    Ground Models

    From about thirty to 100 centimeters in diameter and even more, terrestrial globes on the ground will have a long foot or a wide support with several feet depending on their size and weight. This can be made of metal or finely worked wood for standing observation and is an essential addition to the overall decoration. The most imposing models will even contain a minibar. It only remains to define the most suitable location.

    A Vintage Globe With Relief

    There is something very elegant about owning a free-standing terrestrial globe, like those found in rich libraries from the end of the 16th century. To play the card of the antique to the maximum, perhaps you will opt for a globe tinted in sepia and completed with a pretty embossing in relief which will allow exploration at your fingertips. More nautically inspired designs will include coastlines and waterways but also waterfalls, canals, and some famous explorers’ ships, depicted in the areas they traveled.