Test and review of ADSS trading products andits platform (2023)

    ADSS is a MENA-based broker that offers forex and CFD trading and spread betting. Established in 2011, they provide three major account types, and they are open to serving clients from all over the world (with some exceptions). This is an ADSS Securities review, and in it we will review its product offering as well as explore its trading platform – the broker partners with MetaTrader and provides the MT4 platform.

    Before proceeding, it is also worth mentioning that the broker is licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in which it has offices. This includes licensing by the Central Bank of the UAE and being regulated by the DSFA in the UAE. It is also regulated by the FCA in the UK and the SFC in Hong Kong.

    Review of ADSS trading products

    ADSS offers the following products and access to the following financial markets:

    1. Forex

    Traders can trade forex directly or they can trade forex CFDs. Their offering includes 60+ currency pairs, with major, minor, and exotic currency pairs available for trading. They can also access trading of several treasury bonds, such as the Bund, T Bond, Eurodollar, and Eurbor. Spreads vary based on the account holder’s trading profile, account tier, and instrument being traded, and the size of the trade.

    1. Indices

    Traders can trade index CFDs in global markets, such as those in the US, UK, APAC, Europe, and the GCC region. Examples include popular US indices like the US 30, US 100 Tech, US 500, and the US 2000. US index futures are also available for trading, including the US 30 Future, US 100 Tech Future, US 500 Future, and the US 2000 Future. Other major indices traders can purchase CFDs on include the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Australian indices. Trading hours vary depending on local time, as does settlement duration spreads depending on the index being traded.

    1. Equities

    ADSS offers single stock CFDs in major global markets. Most notably, they offer the trading of US stock CFDs, and contracts can be bought on the most popular stocks in the world like Amazon, Tesla, Meta, and more. They also offer traders access to trading CFDs on UK, continental European, and Saudi Arabian shares. Spreads are variable and as are trading hours, depending on the financial instrument and its locality.

    1. Commodities

    Finally, ADSS offers a wide range of commodities available for trading in the form of CFDs. Commodities include precious and industrial metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and copper. They also include energy sources and agricultural products, such as crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, and coffee. Commodities can be traded with varying spreads and overnight spreads, with settlement and trading hours varying depending on local time of exchanges.

    All the above information on financial instruments, tick sizes, CFD contract sizes, tick value, settlement process and duration, as well as trading hours can be found on their market information sheet. This sheet is located on the ADSS website and updated regularly. Before trading, it is advised that traders access the information sheet. All the information relayed above are accurate at the time of writing.

    Review and test of the ADSS trading platform

    ADSS partners with MetaTrader and traders that are account holders with the broker can trade on the MT4 platform, which is the most popular forex trading platform in the industry with millions of active users. ADSS does not offer access to the MT5 platform.

    As an award-winning platform, MT4 has proven to be reliable and stands the test of time. It is also highly customisable, and ADSS uses this to curate the best interface for its traders. Traders can trade forex and CFDs on the platform, and they can also participate in the futures market. MT4 is accessible on mobile and desktop, and traders can trade at their desk or while on the go.

    MT4 indicators

    In this review, we would like to draw our attention to the custom indicators that traders can access when they trade on MT4. This is one of the best parts of the platform, as it makes it a truly flexible and customisable trading tool. MT4 offers a set of core indicators built into the platform. Additional ones can be installed. ADSS offers a clear explanation of how a trader can do that in a guide on their website.

    After testing out the process of installing indicators, we deem it is clear and straightforward – all one must do is download the chosen indicator from the MT4 website, copy its file, paste it on the platform, and drag and drop the indicator into a price chart to install it.

    Traders can also use the MetaTrader Supreme Edition as a custom plugin for MT4. This immediately expands the list of indicators available, without having to download each one separately. It includes the most commonly used indicators on the platform, and sophisticated traders will find this function helpful and timesaving.

    Market orders

    Market orders can be made simply and effectively on the MT4 platform through ADSS. Orders can be executed instantly, or they can be executed with several pending orders. Traders can also participate in copy trading on the platform with the help of Expert Advisors. Once again, ADSS provides a clear explanation and guide on how traders can start copy trading by setting up the platform. This became a simple and easy step, and set-up was done in no time.

    Risk management – stop loss and take profit

    Finally, the MT4 platform continues to put risk management at its forefront with the appropriate measures in place. Traders can set stop loss and take profit levels to protect their trades. MT4 was designed with convenience as one of its priorities and stop loss and take profit orders can be settled right in the order window, which is a great feature for beginners.


    Overall, the MT4 platform proves to be a reliable trading platform and partner for ADSS, and the broker providesvery clear explanations of how traders can install, set up, and use the platform for trading. This is commendable, as most brokers tend to defer to trading guides from MetaTrader directly without real input of their own. ADSS takes the extra step to also curate a series of platform guides in the form of video tutorials, which is worth checking out for specific information and instructions on more complicated technical analysis tools such as Bollinger bands, moving averages, and the Fibonacci retracement. Products offered by ADSS also include a fair range, and this gives traders a chance to effortlessly diversify their portfolios.