Moving With A Forwarding Agency: 7 Tips For Moving Companies

    The following tips will help you not to fall for a removal rip-off when moving house with moving companies:

    Obtaining Comparison Offers

    Good planning is half the battle. Therefore, get quotes from several moving companies in good time before you move. If your new home is in a different city, it may be worthwhile for you to include local furniture carriers in the price comparison.

     Check All Services

    Before moving companies prepare a cost estimate, the on-site freight forwarders find out about the size and location of the apartment and the goods to be moved. In this way, the moving company can estimate how much volume has to be moved from one place to another. It is advisable to go through all the partial services of the move in consultation and to fix them in writing.

     Different Billing Methods

    Moving companies either calculate according to effort and hours or offer a fixed price for the entire move. The following applies to both types of calculation: Make sure that all the agreed services of the moving company always appear in the written cost estimate, from putting up the no-stopping sign in front of the house to the outside elevator to packing material and assembly work. In addition to all individual services, the offer should also include VAT.

     Billing Based On Effort

    If the moving company’s work is calculated by the hour, the hourly rate is essential. It is also decisive for the costs whether the hours to be expended for the individual services, for example, the number of packers, are correctly set. If the set time frame is exceeded, there is a risk of additional claims. However, additional costs between 15 and 20 percent compared to the cost estimate are still acceptable.

     Agreeing On

    a fixed price In most cases, we recommend agreeing to a fixed price. In this way, you can compare the prices exactly in advance and plan the costs incurred in advance. In these cases, the moving companies offer you a binding price for the entire moving service. If the moving company miscalculates by setting the number of working hours too low, the additional effort is at his expense. However, if he estimates too many hours, you as a customer will be left behind. Therefore, the scope of services at the fixed price should be determined as precisely as possible in advance and contractually recorded in all details.


    To move If something breaks while moving, not all damage is insured. As a rule, the moving company is only liable for the damage it has caused. As a consumer, you cannot fall below this liability amount, but you can increase it by agreeing with the moving company like for instance.  Insurance only replaces the time and not the replacement value of the damaged household items. However, you can usually take out additional insurance through the freight forwarder if you need more coverage. Important: The burden of proof for transport damage lies with you as the customer.

     Reporting Deadlines

    Obvious damage – such as scratches on the furniture or broken glass – must be reported no later than one day after the move. Damage that is not externally visible can be reported to the carrier up to 14 days after the move.