How to Win at Online Slots 

    If you’re looking to play a game of chance, you could follow the lead of millions of other people worldwide and give online slots a try. These are highly entertaining games that keep you excited through superb design, interesting storylines, profitable bonus rounds and an overall big winning potential – join onlineslotsuk today.

    There might not be that much skill involved in slots – the game is solely dependent on chance. Nevertheless, it requires some consideration and there is a great deal of skill in making the right decisions when playing slots. All about that is discussed in this article.

    No one can guarantee winning in slots. But by following our advice you’ll have a clear method of aiming for the stars when playing slots and will be able to do it sensibly. 

    Choose high RTPs 

    Perhaps the most important piece of information when it comes to different slot games is the RTP. Standing for return-to-player, this is a percentage that measures the win-loss ratio in slot games. The higher the RTP, the better the likelihood of winning. Naturally, you will want to choose games that have high RTPs. It is recommended to go for slots with an RTP of around 96% and above.

    Here are some popular and well-regarded slots that you could check out: 

    • Bonanza (Big Time Gaming) – RTP of 96%. A Megaways game with a huge winning potential and a generous bonus round. Land 4 scatters and you will be awarded 12 free spins with a growing multiplier!
    • 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) – RTP of 98.5%. One of the highest RTPs currently offered!
    • Mega Joker (NetEnt) – RTP of 99%. A classic-style slot with the highest known RTP currently available. 

    Play at a busy casino, play at an empty casino 

    There is a theory that claims that the slots payouts are affected by the numbers of people playing. Although this theory hasn’t been confirmed as legitimate, some logic can be seen behind it. It goes something like this: 

    • When a lot of people are playing the same slot, it is going to accept a lot of bets. In theory, this would drop the game’s RTP because the slot accepts a lot of money. In theory, that would mean that the slot will aim to balance the RTP out. It would do so by paying out big wins. Therefore, playing at busy periods such as Fridays, Saturdays or any other evening could see you winning some sizeable amounts.
    • Another theory suggests doing the opposite – play at unusual times, when the traffic in online casinos is low. People that believe in this method argue against the previous method, saying that you’ve got the best chance to win when there is the least competition. Therefore, playing on Mondays, Tuesdays, Sundays, early mornings and some afternoons could be profitable. 

    Please note that these theories haven’t been confirmed by casinos, slot developers or any authority. They are simply fan-made advice. All slot games are random by nature and rely on nothing else but chance, so take this advice with a pinch of salt. There is no way to guarantee wins. 

    Manage your funds 

    For the last piece of advice, we have saved perhaps the most important one. To fully enjoy slots and avoid disappointment, a player has to manage their funds. This will keep you in the game for longer and help you avoid frustration. 

    • Set daily, weekly and monthly spending limits and stick to them.
    • Be careful when chasing losses. There is no guarantee that you will win and you could worsen the situation by chasing losses.
    • Remember that by playing slots you are buying entertainment and not investing your money. A player has to decide how much money is acceptable to spend on entertainment.