How To Reduce Packaging Costs For Product Boxes? Find Here!

    With increasing competition, cost of production, and escalating customer expectations, brands are constantly struggling to manage budgets and ambitions. Packaging is essential and critical for any product, and it often is the simplest way of evaluating a brand’s value. For most enterprises, the main concern is to reduce costs, while it’s equally important to create quality, well-designed product boxes that represent the standards that a company stands for. In this post, we are sharing a few ideas on how a company can save on packaging costs.

    • Reduce the cost of storage. Having a warehouse to stock packaging materials is not viable for most companies, because of insane pricing of commercial space. Instead of storing all your boxes within the premise, consider partnering with a warehouse, or better, you can ask your packaging company to stock your order, until you need them for production.
    • Order in bulk. This one is easy to understand. When you order packaging boxes in large quantities, it automatically benefits from the scale of production. Also, it is easier to negotiate with manufacturers for the price, especially when the orders are frequent and in bulk. Get an estimate in advance though, for complete transparency.
    • Rethink your printing needs. When it comes to customized boxes, companies often end up doing a lot on each box. Printing requires ink, and that adds to the packaging costs. The best idea is to work around a minimal design, which is also the trend at the moment. All you have to do is ensure that minimalism doesn’t translate into dull and boring, because the box eventually also works like a point of interaction with customers.

    • Outsource the design work. The whole process of brainstorming packaging ideas and creating a new product box can be outsourced, and the good news is many manufacturers offer help with such tasks. These packaging companies have their own team of experts, graphic designers and design consultants, who can help in reimagining your product boxes.
    • Look for free shipping. If your company is ordering packaging boxes from a manufacturer, make sure that you are getting free shipping. Most companies that are not very far will offer that, but it depends largely on your order size and frequency of ordering. However, try and ensure that you don’t spend additionally for shipping boxes to your warehouse.

    Check online now to find more on packaging companies near you and get an estimate for your next order.