How To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Website

    Marketing your business website using SEO takes time and patience. Even when your onsite is healthy, you still need to acquire high-quality backlinks to boost your overall visibility. Sourcing backlinks is not something you want to rush, and you need to ensure the content you are publishing is unique, relevant, and engaging. If you are looking to boost your digital marketing efforts by building quality backlinks, below is a breakdown of what you need to do.

    Create Your Content

    One of the most efficient ways to build high-quality backlinks to your website is using a reputable blogger outreach service, such as Digivark. However, it is also a job you can do yourself if you have the time and patience to do the task correctly. The first step is to create high-quality content that resonates with users and is directly linked to the products or services you provide. Ideally, you will want to create content at least 1000 words long, with unique images and citations to sources for the information you convey. When linking to your citations, it helps to find the highest quality websites to link to and try and get the benefit of their link juice. The next step is finding somewhere to publish your content.

    Finding Websites To Publish Content On

    The next step is finding high-quality websites that are open to publishing content with do-follow links. It is often best to use an internet scraping tool to find relevant websites, and tools such as ScrapeBox are an excellent place to start. You can have them scrape the internet for websites and blogs in the sector you are interested in and compile a list of websites that you can look at for linking purposes. When judging the quality of the website, there are many metrics that you can look at, such as:

    • Domain Ranking
    • Domain Authority
    • Trust Flow
    • Citation Flow
    • The Number Of Unique Website Visitors
    • Active Social Media Profiles With Lots Of Engagement

    There is no one metric better than another, so you will need to find the correct combination that works for your site and gives you the boost that you need. You will also want to have varying quality websites to ensure that your backlink profile looks natural, and once you have compiled a list of websites of enough quality for your links, the next part of the process is to contact each site.

    Contacting The Website Owners

    Once you have a list of websites to contact, you will then need to create some emails you can send to the owners and ask them about the possibility of publishing your content. You will find a varied and mixed bag with the websites. Some will not reply to you, some are not interested, some are open to the possibility for a fee, and some are willing to do it for free. If the sites are of high quality and ask for a fee to publish, you can consider this if you can afford it, but it breaches Google guidelines. Be careful with the websites you link to and try to create a varied backlink profile. With some hard work, dedication, patience, and determination, you can curate quality links for your website to get it noticed online and sail up the rankings for your chosen keywords.