How does Stock Trading Work in Amsterdam?

    Stock trading in Amsterdam is carried out via an electronic system, which made it possible for people to trade the shares of listed companies on their own. These days, most stock market transactions take place with the help of internet-based programs like SaxoTraderGO. You can look at this site to see how it works.

    About the Dutch Stock Exchange

    The Dutch Stock Exchange (AEX) is one of the world’s leading exchanges and the third-largest in Europe. AEX is also known as Euronext Amsterdam since its merger with the LIFFE exchange in 2002. This merger took place after a huge wave going around among European exchanges around 2000 – 2001 that aimed to take a more significant share from NASDAQ through a massive merger called “Bolkestein Directive”.

    This directive entailed the removal of barriers to companies operating in different countries. The new company, Euronext, was formed by the merger of several regional stock exchanges. It is based in Amsterdam but operates exchanges throughout Europe, including Belgium, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

    Amsterdam’s stock trading has been growing significantly ever since it started out with almost 100% growth between 1999-2000. This trend continued into 2004, with further 67% growth occurring during this time, escalating the total amount traded through 3000 billion euros that year.

    How many listed Dutch companies are there?

    Currently, over 500 Dutch companies are listed on Amsterdam Stock Exchange, including some very well-known names like Heineken N.V., ING Group Nv., Aegon, Postbank Groep NV and TomTom NV, among others.

    Stock trading in Amsterdam is conducted through the electronic order book, which currently contains all buy and sell active orders. This allows investors to see the latest prices, best bid and offer for any given stock.

    Stock market trade was usually made via phone banks instead of internet voice connectivity, but nowadays, most transactions occur purely electronically.

    There are around 300 people employed by Euronext Amsterdam on a full-time basis, including traders. Some part-time employees also work for this firm during evenings or weekends when needed.

    How to start trading stocks?

    After getting your paycheck, the first thing you should do is to open a stock trading account. The same should be done if you receive an inheritance, money from the sale of assets, and other monetary gifts.

    Certain things must come first before opening a stock trading account – one of which is reading about how to make investments or learn about stocks.

    It’s essential to choose the right broker for your needs, and this means you need to ask yourself these questions:

    1. Do I want to invest in penny stocks (stocks priced at less than $5 per share)?
    2. Do I want online stock trading access?
    3. Did I check their reviews and research on reputable websites like Google or Yelp!
    4. Is their customer support good?
    5. Are they regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

    How much money should I invest in stocks?

    If you want to start small and don’t have thousands of dollars to spare, picking a broker that offers micro accounts is the best option. However, for those who want to invest large amounts of money, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a regular broker since they offer more tools and resources – as long as that company is both regulated by the SEC and has good reviews from other traders.

    Where do I open my stock trading account?

    The answer depends on what types of investment products will be bought. Most brokers offer standard brokerage accounts which allow buying individual stocks. If you’re looking for a broker for mutual funds or ETFs (exchange-traded funds), make sure to find one that specializes in these securities.

    The bottom line is you need to make sure that your money will be safe when you choose a stock trading account to invest in. Always remember – do your homework!