Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

    As the now decades-long success of Amazon has gone to show, the expectation of next-day or same-day delivery has become something of a standard within the online shopping world. The convenience that this level of shipping proficiency provides has been unmatched and is a huge driving force in why customers continue to shop with industry leaders like Amazon. For smaller businesses, or even businesses with a more limited order fulfillment network, speed has become an enormous issue. Namely because these smaller sellers have to deliver at an accelerated rate with more order volume than they’ve ever seen. With such a strong trend toward e-commerce, these businesses are seeing an unprecedented number of orders and customers flocking to their products. With that said, this loyalty can be very fickle, as certain customers may prefer shopping elsewhere to get their items faster. Understanding this opportunity cost, and the potential severe competitive disadvantage it can put your business in, it’s best to heed the information found within the resource partnered with this post.

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