Evan Rubinson Lists Some Of His Favorite Tips for Hiring For Success 

    Evan Rubinson is a business mogul who is the current executive of ERA Brands. He realizes that hiring employees can be an expensive part of running a business. An individual has to be interviewed, vetted and onboarded in order for a company to hire them. They then need to be trained for the job. This all takes time, and when it comes to business, time is money. As such, you want to ensure you are hiring the right individuals for the job. Here are some of Mr. Rubinson’s favorite tips when it comes to hiring for success.

    The first tip that Evan Rubinson states you should follow when hiring for success is to sit down and truly think about what you want in an employee and communicate that to the individual in charge of hiring. This may involve talking to the managers in the department you are hiring for. On paper, it sounds great to want a candidate with a college degree and a specific background, but in many cases, there are specific traits an individual needs that are better suited to a job compared to a degree. Find out what you need for the position you are filling and look for those traits.

    Another tip that Evan Rubinson states you should follow when hiring for success is to consider the culture of your business and how an individual will fit into that culture. Hiring someone with an ego or a bad attitude can affect your other employees. One employee can affect an otherwise friendly office space or business. As such, always take the time to truly get to know the individual and consider how they will fit into your business. They may check all of the boxes when it comes to education and experience, but if they do not feel like a good fit for your business, they may not be the best candidate.

    Lastly, Evan Rubinson says that you need to give individuals the space to grow into their position, while also ensuring managers help to guide new employees and correct any mistakes quickly. It can take time for an employee to settle into their new role, and you can scare away new hires by putting too much pressure on them. At the same time, you want to ensure your managers are helping to correct any mistakes that they are making and guiding them to be the best employee they can be. Finding this balance is important to retaining new hires and ensuring new hires fit in with your company.

    Evan Rubinson has successfully run many different companies, and he attributes a lot of his success to the employees that are hired within his company. Successfully hiring can help to decrease overall costs and ensure you have employees who are properly suited for your business, which is vital to ensuring the business is successful.