How To Ensure A Long Life For Your Camping Equipment

Once you buy a tent such as American tent, you shouldn’t just “wash your hands.” In addition to the quality of the equipment chosen, its effectiveness and durability will also depend on your care. To ensure that your investment is worth it, you need to follow a series of tips, such as:

When setting up, clean the ground to prevent branches, stones, and sharp objects from piercing the tent floor. Most come with protections for the base, but if that’s not your case, use a simple tarp to avoid direct contact between the tent and the ground and the ingress of water;

Remove all foil and dust with a damp cloth and hang to dry. The sun also causes the tent to deteriorate. So, if possible, camp in the shade or use a cover for protection; never store your tent wet or still damp. This causes the fabric to rip and tear, destroying the nylon and leaving a foul, musty smell. If possible, let the tent dry in the morning;

do not eat or use matches and lighters in or near your tent. These utensils can cause serious fires, and the food can attract wild animals that can tear it; avoid placing your tent under trees, as lightning or branches may fall; try to remove dirty clothes and shoes before entering the tent to avoid dirtying the place where you are going to sleep.

Now that you’ve read all our tips, it’s just a matter of choosing and buying a suitable camping tent and going off to the next adventure!

Types Of Tent

Three Seasons

It is the best-selling model in some countries. Designed to be used in spring, summer, and autumn, this type of tent is suitable for most Brazilian weather and soil conditions. It is usually light, compact, and tough enough to withstand rain, wind, moderate cold, sun, and other less extreme conditions.

Four Seasons

These tents such as 20×60 pole tent are heavier and more expensive. However, they are designed to withstand more aggressive weather conditions, such as strong winds and snow.

Mountain Tents

Mountain tents withstand extreme weather conditions, most suitable for places with severe and dangerous conditions, such as snow.

Summer Tents

Summer tents are light and ventilated but cannot withstand rain or slightly cooler nights. They are ideal for places that already have a camping structure, with mild temperatures and without sudden weather changes.

Keeping An Eye On The Details

Check the durability and quality of the equipment. In general, frames are usually made of aluminum, as they are light, resistant, and do not corrode when wet. The fabric most used today is nylon. Also, look at the seam of the tent, especially in the corners and folds, and see if it is sealed or if you need to apply a silicone sealer. Tent zippers should also be very sturdy.

Check the durability of the tent floor and whether it is waterproof. Before making your decision, always enter it and stretch it as much as possible, so you will know if it fits inside. In addition, take into account the following points:

if you plan on sleeping in the tent with more than two or three people, borrow (from the store where you are shopping) enough sleeping bags and place them open inside the tent;

make sure the tent frames fit perfectly and easily;

If you plan to hang a lantern from the roof of your tent, make sure it has a suitable place for it, usually a small hook attached to the center;

If you intend to buy the tent and receive it at home by mail, check if the invoice came with it, as there may be a need for an exchange if the equipment does not meet your expectations.

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St Barts – The NYE yachting hotspot

For the better part of the past few decades, St. Barts has been the destination of choice for the rich and famous who choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the tropics in the lap of luxury. The yachtsmen have the impression that they are well at home on the island due to the presence of a port that is ideally suited to provide a stylish welcome to superyachts and a quay that is situated in front of luxury shops and bars. Every year, hundreds of the world’s most luxurious superyachts get together to throw parties and watch the fireworks. However, the little island in the French Caribbean is much more than that; it is a true destination for yachting and a heaven for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

The harbour of Saint Barts provides superyachts with the ideal protection from the waves and wind, enabling them to remain anchored in the vicinity of the island in a risk-free environment. The bay makes it possible to take a shuttle ashore via tender, which simplifies the process of transporting visitors from the ship to the land. The most difficult obstacle to overcome on St. Barts is provisioning yachts due to the fact that the sole airport does not accept large commercial jets. The island of St Maarten offers great provisioning options via their commercial airport.

The island is home to a diverse collection of beaches with white sand, breathtaking coral reefs, and a wide selection of exciting entertainment opportunities. The island is home to a large number of luxurious hotels, including the world-famous Cheval Blanc as well as the buzzing Bagatelle, so there is literally nothing lacking on the island. The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s greatest dining establishments, which means that affluent tourists will have no trouble finding all they require to have a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation there.

Yacht racing continues to be one of the most popular activities on the island, and each year there are two classic events. Both the Les Voiles de St. Barts regatta, which features some of the world’s largest sailing superyachts, and the St. Barts Bucket give guests the opportunity to take a vacation from the world of grandeur and enjoy a more refined and peaceful way of life during their time on the island. Sailing has always been at the heart of the culture of the island, and for a few weeks out of the year, it takes centre stage as the primary activity for everyone.

Discovering St. Barts, whether on board a yacht or not, is one of the must-do activities in the life of a world traveller. This is because the island offers spectacular lodgings in addition to its beautiful beaches lined with white sand.

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