Digital Marketing: 4 Things You Need To Know

Digital Marketing is a great online dissemination tool for website, which recently surpassed more than 100 million users! Several strategies can be integrated with Digital Marketing, such as optimization of websites for search engines (SEO, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), sponsored campaigns on Google (AdWords, as we talked about in the previous post), campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), email marketing, sponsorships on blogs and digital media and e-commerce through virtual stores.

Regardless of the actions, it is essential to know and master some techniques to promote the quality of your business. Learn about the main investment decisions in digital marketing:

1) Your Website Is The Most Important Point!

All your actions must redirect to the website, whether a Facebook post or a product ad – the website must keep up with everything! Regarding the website, whether in terms of visual aspects or organization, see it from a consumer’s point of view; after all, the more accessible to the buyer, the more loyalty and the company will have.

2) Generate Content

Be it articles, services, or sharing results, write about your experience and your company. It doesn’t have to be very refined, but let the consumer know how the company works and feel that there is someone “human” they can trust on the other side of the screen.

3) Choose The Most Suitable Action For Your Segment

There is no secret formula for selling or gaining notoriety; it depends on the type of service offered and to whom. For example, Facebook sales make more sense for retailers than for industries. E-commerce is more successful for companies with niche or exclusive products. Email marketing has more results for impulse purchases. Before investing, analyze what interests your audience and encourage your digital marketing agency or your marketing department to provide arguments that defend the chosen paths.

See which digital medium is most appropriate for your business and which your audience most accesses.

4) Renew Your Digital Strategies

Many online behaviors have changed in recent years, along with digital marketing. Think about how you consume information on a day-to-day basis and what would be the best way to impact you, and based on that, draw your strategies. L clutch hand is that the migration strategies for the digital will be more and more frequent!

Any differentiation and personalized involvement with the consumer will be essential. Think about what kind of engagement you want and how can your customers help you attract more customers?

Digital marketing can be a great ally and promote your company in a highly successful way. There is no shortage of examples of successful initiatives.

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Everything you need to know as a First Time Taxpayer

If you are a well-earning individual, you must be aware of the taxation system in the country. But, do you know about tax planning? Basically, tax planning is the act of arranging your finances to better manage your tax liabilities. Often, a big part of tax planning is focused on ways to reduce tax liability. Most people believe that income tax is extremely simple. But, if you are doing it for the first time, it can be extremely daunting.

As scary as it may seem, filing income tax return for the first time is a special occasion. It is the final sign that you have reached adulthood and are financially strong enough to contribute back to the economy and society.  What makes it an intimidating experience is the various rules, guidelines set or which type of ITR you should file. But you do not need to worry. Here is everything you need to know about filing income tax returns:

Why is income tax collected?

One of the first questions that might come to you when thinking about income tax is: why do you have to do it? Paying your income tax is your duty as a citizen towards your country. It makes sure that you have a small contribution towards the development of the nation. However, it has very practical benefits too. In addition to meeting your civic responsibility, paying income tax is very important for compliance processes. For example, if you wanted to take a loan, or apply for a Visa, etc., the concerned authorities would look at your income tax status. Having a clean and proper tax history builds a good impression and goodwill with various reputed organizations. More important than anything, not paying tax has heavy consequences. You will have to pay heavy fines or even risk imprisonment in extreme cases.

When is income tax paid?

The income tax department follows the fiscal calendar. This means that they close their financial records for the year in the middle of the year and open up new records. This is during the March to April period of the year. The fiscal year starts on April 1st of each year and lasts till March 31st of the next year. You only have a limited amount of time after the fiscal year ends to pay your income tax.

You can file your income tax returns physically or online by July 31st. People that fit in the ₹5 lacs and above tax bracket have to file their returns online. The same applies to people who own assets outside India and people that need income auditing. The process of filing income tax online is simple and can be started by registering yourself on the income tax department’s official website. You can also calculate your income tax using an income tax calculator which is available online.

What counts as income?

Generally, anything added to the total money you have might be income. However, the income tax department has specific guidelines and classifications regarding what would be considered income. Most people have a singular source of income and that makes it easier to determine the amount you need to pay as tax. But there are also scenarios where people have multiple sources of income. In this case, each of these sources of income may be processed separately. Ultimately it means that having multiple sources of income means that you have to pay more income tax. The specified sources of money that classify as income as per the income tax department are:

  • Income from salary
  • Income from property
  • Income from capital gains
  • Income from business
  • Income from other sources

All of these sources of income can be taxed separately. The tax coming out of these would be pooled and you will get a final figure of what you need to pay.

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Protecting Your Finances during the Pandemic

The economic slowdown caused by the pandemic resulted in concerns about the future for many people. It has put many people on their toes since they became unsure about their job security and finances. Due to this, they need to work on protecting their finances during a health crisis.

Here are some things that people can do to secure their finances to ease concerns about their future.

Check Your Finances

To protect their finances, people should first check it. If they have a partner, they sit down and talk about their current financial status. It is important to have the right mindset to do this so that they can flesh out issues they need to deal with when it comes to their finances.

Looking into a person’s financial situation requires concentration. So, it’s best to set aside time to focus on it without any distractions. A weekend would be the best time since it’s the end of a workweek, and most people have nothing else to do during the weekend, especially if they are staying home and have no plans of traveling.

People should first check their monthly expenses. These expenses include rent, utilities, food, and nonessential expenses. This will give them an idea about how much money goes out of their accounts each month. After reviewing the expenses, people should look into their savings and checking accounts. After looking at the figures, they should think about how long it will last if they lose their source of income.

Then, people should look at job security. They can look into the viability of the company they are working for. In the case of couples, they can talk about the possibility of one of them losing their jobs. At this point, they should check if the income of one person can handle all the household expenses.

Going through these items allows people to see their financial standing and check if they will survive if they lose their jobs in the middle of the pandemic. Couples should be open about their financial concerns with each other so that they can work together to deal with these concerns for their future.

Reduce Spending

After looking at their financial standing, people should start cutting down on unnecessary expenses. This is particularly true at a time when many businesses closed due to low demand in the market. The pandemic encouraged people to reduce spending, pay down credit card debt, and increase savings.

One of the ways people can cut down on spending is to check discretionary spending. This spending includes necessary and unnecessary expenses. People should look at their unnecessary expenses, such as ordering food for delivery and remove them as much as possible.

Then, people can look at the necessary expenses, like rent and food. Some expenses are flexible, such as food. People can shift from buying premium products to cheaper generic items until after everything goes back to normal. It is also important for people to postpone major expenses until the economy recovers.

If they are still paying for their house, they can check with their financial institution if they offer a mortgage refinancing program. If the program allows them to save money, they should take advantage of it. But they should make sure they meet all the requirements to take advantage of the program.

Create an Emergency Fund

It is also important for people to build an emergency fund if they do not have one yet. The emergency fund is useful in case they lose their jobs. The emergency fund should consist of funds that can cover living expenses for around three to six months.

They can start with opening an account and contribute to it regularly. It will be challenging, especially with the state of the economy right now. Despite this, people should still work on creating an emergency fund in case something happens.

For people whose jobs are not stable, they should increase their contribution to ensure they have money in case they lose their jobs.

Consult a Financial Advisor

Another thing people should do to protect their finances during a pandemic is to consult a financial advisor. The professional can help them make a financial plan to help them in the future. People who do not have a financial advisor can get in touch with one and discuss their current situation. These professionals can help map out a plan to give people the opportunity to protect themselves from financial ruin in the future.

The health crisis affected the finances of many people across the country. To avoid this, it important to plan out how one can protect his finances in the middle of the pandemic.

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Four regular utility bills that you can pay online and save

Paying your utility bills online can save you precious time and money. Online payments also prevent you from forgetting to make important payments. There are so many ways to pay your bills online, and depending on the type of bank you are using and the company you are paying; you can use a combination of options.

With the availability of the platforms like Airtel Payments Bank, paying your utility bills like electricity, gas, water, DTH, etc., is not a headache. Other than that, you can also visit the service provider’s website to get your utility bills paid. Here is the list of utility bills that you can pay online through various electronic payment systems.

Water bill – Given the hectic schedule, we tend to miss the deadline of our water bill payment, resulting in the penalty and disrupted services. With the available electronic payment systems like BHIM, PhonePay, Airtel Payments bank, etc., you can pay for your utility bills in just a few clicks. Your water bill payment is very easy and convenient. You just have to select the water supply authority in your area, fill out the ID and pay the bill.

DTH – Many companies are paying DTH services like Big TV, Sun Direct, Tata Sky, Videocon, etc. With the easy electronic payment system, you can easily recharge your DTH by sitting comfortably at home. The payment websites like Airtel Payments Bank, BHIM, Paytm, etc., are a safe and easy way to pay your bill. The best part is that such payment systems are safe, and you can make a payment without worrying about scams and frauds.

Electricity – Now, paying your electricity bill is just a click away. Gone are the days when you had to plan a day to pay your electricity bills. With various electronic platforms, you can easily make your electricity bill payment without any penalty and extra charges. Such platforms also offer cashback which is another benefit of using them. You just have to select the state you live in and pick the service provider to pay the bill.

Broadband – We all use broadband to access the internet in our homes and workspaces. Now you can pay your broadband bill conveniently through a variety of payment systems available.  To pay the bill, you just need to select your biller. This will automatically fetch your bill, and then you can pay it easily. Some payment websites like Airtel Payments Bank also offer cashback if you opt to pay your utility bills. This is another benefit of paying your bills online.

The internet has made our lives very easy. Now we don’t have to stand in the queues to get our utility bills paid. Using such services is hassle-free and effortless. No matter if it is your gas bill, data card or mobile recharge, FASTag recharge, etc., you can make the payment conveniently.

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