5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cardboard Boxes

    It’s true; cardboard boxes are everywhere. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked in our day-to-day lives – but they have a lot of cool features that you might not know about. And with more and more people using them for storage or moving, it’s important to know the basics before buying one. So this post will take a look at few things you didn’t know about cardboard boxes.

    1. Cardboard Boxes are pretty sturdy

    There might be a myth that cardboard boxes aren’t the most durable things, and once you get to moving, they’ll fall apart. But it’s not true. Cardboard is designed for sturdiness and can hold up well with normal use – especially when reinforced properly.

    It holds weight better than people often expect: “Cardboard” alone will bear an average of 100 lbs per square inch before failure. That means if your box is 12″ x 12″, there should be no problem at all holding 50 pounds worth of items inside before splitting or collapsing. The robust corrugated boxes are designed to hold up well, but of course, reinforcement was required for the extra sturdiness you need.

    1. Cardboard Boxes are recyclable

    Cardboard boxes are one of the most common items in recycling facilities since they’re made of paper. Once you get to moving, it’s important not to throw away your cardboard boxes – but instead, make sure you recycle them.

    1. Cardboard Boxes are biodegradable

    Even though cardboard boxes are recyclable, that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Cardboard is made out of paper – meaning it’s designed to break down over time when exposed to the elements or left in a landfill for too long. That means your old moving boxes will eventually return to the soil after being discarded.

    1. Cardboard Boxes can be decorated

    Cardboard boxes aren’t just plain white; they come in different shapes and sizes with unique designs. If you want to make them stand out even more, though, it’s easy to decorate or custom paint your own too. Remember that any paint used needs to contain at least 30% recycled content (paper), so it will break down easily when disposed of later on.

    1. Cardboard Boxes are waterproof

    We’ve already talked about how sturdy cardboard boxes can be – but they’re pretty water-resistant too. Cardboard is designed to repel liquids (like rain or snow), and as a bonus, it even acts as a lid is placed on top of other items.


    Cardboard Boxes are pretty great and can be used for many different things. Cardboard boxes aren’t just good for moving; they’re useful in several other situations too.