August 9, 2023

How Do I Know If I Need A Lawyer?

You are facing a situation that requires care and you have been asking the following question: how do I know if I need a lawyer? Know that this professional is essential at various times, not only when you need to file a lawsuit or when you need a specialized defense or visit us.

Help With Documentation

Another reason to hire a lawyer is when you need to gather certain documents, but can’t. In this case, the professional is indicated to locate, in a more agile and efficient way, all the necessary documentation for any purpose. In addition, many documents contain information that is difficult to understand, mainly due to the lack of technical knowledge. Therefore, the lawyer can translate all data requested in a process or negotiation.

Streamline Administrative Processes

Having the support of a lawyer is also essential to streamline administrative and judicial processes. In administrative processes, these professionals help with issues with notary offices, public offices, preparation of applications, and separation of documents, in addition to monitoring demands.


Even if there is no conflict about the separation between the couple, having a lawyer is indispensable in this type of situation. When the couple has children, this professional is even more essential, as many issues involve divorces, such as alimony or shared custody, for example.

In addition, a separation usually involves the sharing of assets, which can cause a lot of headaches and conflicts between the ex-couple. Therefore, having the support of a lawyer is essential to resolve issues in the most correct and friendly way possible.

This professional will be responsible for making agreements for both parties, legalizing the couple’s new marital status, and providing all the necessary guidance and assistance in the divorce process. Hiring a professional will undoubtedly provide greater peace of mind and security in the separation process, guaranteeing the rights of both parties.

Consumer Law

Hiring a lawyer with software like  Denver Software Licensing for example is also important when a consumer is not satisfied with the purchase of a product or service. Unfortunately, this is a very common problem in Brazil, as most consumers are unaware of their rights.

That said, many companies do not follow the Consumer Code and, therefore, fail to offer a quality service or product, generating complaints from consumers. If you bought a product that came broken and the company does not want to exchange it, for example, know that it is your right to receive a new one.

But how can you manage to receive a new product or break the contract due to the non-fulfillment of obligations? What to do when the company does not respond to the request? And when the customer cannot contact the company?

Know that in all these cases, hiring a lawyer is essential for resolving problems quickly and within the law. Therefore, if you face any problem, hire a specialized lawyer right now to help you resolve this issue.

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