June 2023

Kevin Modany Explores Professional Attributes That Are Integral to Success.

The business world that we live in has grown increasingly complex and complicated over the years. Gone are the days when a billboard and aggressive marketing campaign would get you where you need to go. New digital complexities require professional minds and sharp insights from consultants to help overcome them.

Kevin Modany is an experienced consultant with years of industry experience alongside his time as a Certified Public Accountant. Utilizing a multifaceted approach derived from his multi-industry insights, Kevin Modany has been able to help his clients prosper in different ways.

Overview of an Advisor

Kevin Modany understands that executive consultants exist in an advisory role where their expertise is relied upon to inform important decisions. Problem-solving and unique approaches to decision-making are part and parcel of the role, with each consultant requiring excellent communication skills to adequately pass their message along.

Consultants are often brought on for both short and long-term jobs and can be used to help transform or otherwise assist a company in transition.

Executive Consultancy Trends

One of the most important aspects of a career in executive consultancy is the ability to keep up with driving trends as they emerge. Executives in leadership will turn to consultants to help them overcome these new hurdles and obstacles.

Kevin Modany of BlueRock Partners points out a few of the driving and emerging trends that businesses are looking to consultants for help to tackle.

  • Ongoing Digital Expansion – Digital expansion took a huge leap forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that momentum is continuing forward. Consultants are required to help businesses implement data and analytics management in these new spaces.
  • Business Model Adoption – Highly competitive industries require constant competition and evolution. Innovative business model adoption can involve finding additional resources through new products or services explored and developed by consultancy experts.

Key Consultancy Functions

Executive consultants are involved in an array of business operations from the onset of the company’s existence throughout its entire operation. Multifaceted consultants like Kevin Modany can help their clients to discuss and explore a variety of topics. Executive consultants often focus on the following areas, according to Kevin Modany.

  • Connect Workers with Management Concepts to Enhance Performance
  • Provide Strategic Guidance on Organizational Restructuring Concepts
  • Generate Reports, Summarize Surveys, and Explore Research Studies
  • Help Guide the Framework For Upcoming Corporate Mergers
  • Navigate SWOT Analysis to Identify Strengths, Opportunities, and Business Weaknesses

Executive consultants are relied upon to objectively analyze problems while devising targeted solutions. These consultants will evaluate diverse data arrays while looking for patterns and trends, delivering their insights to key members of management as they arrive at them. With a strong analytical mind and a focus on problem-solving, consultants can make tangible improvements to the businesses they support.

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