April 21, 2023

How Elijah Norton Inspires His Workplace Through Personality

A CEO like Elijah Norton talks on his cell phone at a coffee shop

The CEO of a business can have a surprisingly big impact on the business itself. Having a CEO who is ethical, honest, and caring when it comes to their company can affect the whole firm and the workers – so it’s an important thing for CEOs to consider.

People like Elijah Norton, CEO of Veritas Global Protection, know how important this sort of thing is. A dishonest CEO who allows their selfishness to affect the company is very likely to find that their employees cheat and avoid taking responsibility for their work, which can cause major issues for the whole business.

Understanding how their personality and actions can affect everybody is key for CEOs, which is why we will spend time looking at this today. If you’re running a business, thinking about how your behavior and responses to things affect other employees is of critical importance.

How Do CEOs Affect Their Companies?

Multiple studies have started looking at how a CEO’s attitude can affect the attitude and approach of employees throughout their companies and how this can change the workings of the entire business.

You are probably already aware that the morale of your employees is one of the biggest determining factors in how successful your business is, and how effectively it runs from day to day. No matter what industry you are operating in, your employees are the driving force of your company, and having happy employees can make a massive difference in your success.

However, you might not recognize just how much the CEO impacts this. You may think that as the CEO, how you behave doesn’t make a significant difference to the business’s functioning, but this often isn’t the case. In fact, your behavior has a major trickle-down effect that will change how well your company performs.

With that in mind, it’s obvious that CEOs want to demonstrate good behavior so that their businesses can operate in healthy, effective ways. CEOs clearly need to show their staff that they can be trusted and that they are impartial. They need to prove that they are able to handle criticism, listen to problems, and treat their staff well.

These things may seem self-evident, but you might still be wondering what exactly CEOs should be doing to inspire their workplaces and make their companies thrive.

A female CEO, similar to Elijah Norton, checks her phone at her standing desk

What Behavior Has A Positive Impact?

This will depend upon your business to an extent, but here are a few of the key factors that can make your business run more effectively.

The ability to manage well: “Manager” might not be part of your title, but you must be able to handle people effectively. Elijah Norton is aware of this and talks about how company leaders must know when to be kind and when to be tough with employees if they want to lead effectively.

This creates an environment where employees feel that they are being treated fairly, which encourages a respectful working relationship, and increases functionality.

Genuinely caring about clients: If the head of the company cares about the clients, so will the employees. They will feel empowered to act in the customers’ best interests, and they will be more invested in their work because they will know it matters to the people above them. Again, this is something that Elijah Norton is very dedicated to.

Norton recognizes the importance of responsiveness to customer needs, and prides himself on the care that his company takes of its customers. This ensures that employees can feel good about their work and encourages them to serve customers effectively.

Being a problem-solver: Everybody wants to feel that they work for someone who genuinely cares about fixing problems and making the world a better place, and that description certainly fits Elijah Norton. He gets up every day, eager to make a difference to people, and takes a proactive approach to problems when they arise.

This improves the overall attitude that his company has toward its clients, and this will be true for other businesses too. If the CEO is invested in fixing and improving things, problems are more likely to get resolved, and both customers and employees are less likely to feel frustrated by ongoing issues.

Valuing good staff: An astute CEO recognizes the value of great people – and Elijah Norton is well aware of the importance of having team members he can trust. He has built a diverse group that works well together, and he acknowledges just how crucial this is to the functioning of a successful business.

Being aware of this makes CEOs more likely to make efforts to retain their best people, which provides the business with stability, experienced personnel, and industry knowledge. CEOs that know their business is only as good as the staff running it can take steps to ensure they keep the very best people.

Of course, there are other things that CEOs can do to inspire people, but these are among the most important characteristics to embody – so don’t underestimate their value when you weigh up how you run your business.


The CEO is the most important person in the company in many ways, and the way that the CEO behaves is bound to have an effect on the rest of the business. Like Elijah Norton, you should constantly look for ways to show your staff that you value them, care about your clients, and want to solve problems – and your staff will emulate this behavior.

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