March 6, 2023

Social Discovery App Yubo Partners With NGOs to Elevate User Support

NGOs, otherwise known as non-governmental organizations, are actively attempting to better the world. Usually, they choose to focus on a specific mission and cause to support, but what varies is the levels at which NGOs try to achieve change. Whether it’s within a local, regional, national, or global community, NGOs strive to help and are often aligned with the values of many corporations and companies.

The app Yubo has taken notice of these incredible NGOs and has partnered with many of them since 2018 to help the platform create a safer online environment for its users.

Yubo X NGOs

Yubo, founded in France, is a Gen Z social discovery platform with users from all over the globe. Users can use Yubo to meet new friends by messaging, livestreaming, or playing games with other users. They can even add interest tags to their profiles, and use those tags to find others with similar interests.

While working to create a fun online space for Gen Z, Yubo’s key focus is truly on creating as safe an online space as possible for them as well. With detailed Community Guidelines, a vast safety team, advanced AI technology for moderation, and report features for all users, Yubo prioritizes safety across its app. Yubo is even taking it a step further by partnering with NGOs from all over the world, who each serve a different purpose.

Yubo X Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day, sponsored by Insafe, and organized by Childnet, is an online cause to bring awareness to creating a safer internet. Safer Internet Day took place on Tuesday, February 8th in 2022. What’s the purpose? To promote internet users of all ages to come together to strive for a safer internet.

For Safer Internet day 2022, Yubo joined forces with Thorn to inspire its users. Thorn, an NGO dedicated to defending young people from sexual abuse, introduced a NoFiltr campaign that Yubo shared with its users. This informative campaign offered solutions to victims or witnesses of online grooming. If a Yubo user is ever worried for their own safety whether online or in real life, they could utilize Yubo’s “report” feature, or text NOFILTR to 741741 if in the United States.

3018 e-Enfance Initiative

For Yubo’s French community, Yubo and e-Enfance formed a partnership to notify Yubo users about e-Enfance’s new app. The app would assist victims or witnesses of online violence to report what occurred and would also supply resources for victims of online hate speech, harassment, sexual harassment, and more.

National Bullying Prevention Month 2022

Since October 2006, National Bullying Prevention Month has been an online initiative to raise awareness about bullying, including online and cyberbullying. For this month, Yubo partnered with the Diana Award, an NGO named after the late Princess Diana with a mission to end bullying. Yubo works closely with the Diana Award to not only promote anti-bullying resources to its users but through the Diana Award’s CEO Alex Holmes who sits on the app’s safety board.

Yubo And The Future of Safety

In 2023, Yubo will continue to partner with and work more with NGOs to work towards creating a safer online environment for all.

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