March 2023

At Natixis, John Hailer Sets the Tone For an Industry-Wide Shift Among Investment Teams

As one of the leading voices in financial investing, John Hailer has spent a significant amount of his time in front of the public spotlight. At Natixis, John Hailer worked hard to widen and evolve the pool of investment portfolio construction, leading new voices into an arena that has famously been closed off to specific financial demographics for years.

Now the Chairman of Diffractive Managers Group, one of the fundraising arms for the 1251 Capital Group out of Boston, John Hailer has taken time out of his day to share his past story as well as his future efforts to make investing more equitable for everyone.

Diversification and Spending

John Thomas Hailer broke into financial services in the late 80s while working for companies like Fidelity. Before long, he would put that job in the past in order to pursue his work at Natixis. At Natixis, John Hailer helped spearhead several initiatives that have since prepared generations of investors as they pursue their own financial equity.

At Natixis, John Hailer helped to teach his clients the actual value of diversification as well as the long and short-term risks associated with it. Hailer said of this concept, “As an industry, we need to get better at building the types of investment portfolios that help investors get there.”

To find success within the industry, Hailer understands that his clients have to look beyond just simple diversification. As a result, Hailer is focused on helping investors stay as informed as possible while focusing on their future. Hailer says of this concept, “You can’t time the market, and you can’t sit out a downturn.”

Looking to the Past to Prepare for the Future

When John Hailer departed from college, he went into the investment world, adhering to one of his most important guidelines: the Prudent Man Rule. The Prudent Man Rule was a concept developed by Hailer’s first employer, a firm based in Boston, where the commitment to investors was never to touch the principle.

Hailer says of the Prudent Man rule, “The goal is to get some good solid returns but do it in a way where you’re not risking your life, you’re not risking your livelihood, and you’re not risking all the things that are important to you.”

If you don’t put the risk and return in the right places, the odds of coming out flat are going to increase astronomically. Hailer said of the industry’s decision to move away from prudency, “The investment industry moved away from this and frankly lost its way a bit in the process.”

Hailer points to the 2008 economic downturn and corresponding financial crisis as a prime indicator of an industry removed from prudence. Hailer said, “This should never have happened. If investors’ portfolios were properly diversified, we would’ve seen much more resilience.”

To help investors overcome these potential shortfalls in the future, John Hailer helped to establish the Durable Portfolio Construction Research Center during his time at Natixis. The DPCRC has since radically expanded into a global organization of consultants, all helping investors, for free, to find a durable portfolio that works for them.

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How do gold dealers make their money?

If you are new to investing you have probably come across the term “premium”.  There is lot that has been said about the spot price also known as the market price of gold. For one, the gold price is the same globally and it is always open, even on weekends. This means that there are people all over the world who are trading gold right now whilst other markets are closed. You can try to time the market to figure out when the best price to buy gold bars will be.

The European gold markets open just when the Asian markets are closing. When European markets close, the US market opens. If you are looking into the gold market, keep in mind that they are largely affected by the supply of gold versus the demand. The price of gold is in constant flux depending on geographical markets but the fact that the markets don’t close, you can buy bullion online anytime and from anywhere.

The supply of gold can come from different places. Investors would look to gold bullion products. Mining and refineries play a large role to the supply chain however the scrap gold is also a great source which is why there has been a growth in cash for gold dealers. You can find the spot price of gold online and most online gold sites post live prices.

The importance of the gold spot price

When you buy bullion online, it is very important to understand what the global spot market price of gold stands for. The global spot market price of gold is often used as a price basis for contracts such as gold futures or gold options, etc., where physical delivery is not the primary objective.

What is the premium price

If the buyer wants to buy physical gold, take delivery, then the premium is added to the market price of gold. A bullion premium is simply called a “premium” or sometimes a “mark-up” or “mark-up” in the industry. The word “premium” can be somewhat misleading as it refers not only to bullions bars but also to bullion coins.

If gold is to be delivered, it must of course be in physical form, primarily in the form of bars, but also coins. There are costs involved in producing bullion or coins, and other costs must be covered such as shipping, insurance, administration, etc. All these factors need to be included in the dealers’ profit margin. And then there is the seller’s profit margin to cover.

Professional investors or buyers who buy gold or silver do not always talk about the price of gold. There isn’t much room to negotiate the global gold market but this shouldn’t stop you from getting a better sale price, This takes understanding the gold premium.

Gold spot price + gold premium = sale price of gold

The global spot market price of gold is not the selling price of gold when a buyer buys gold. The sale price of gold is always the global price of gold on the spot market plus a premium.

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