March 5, 2021

Google Integrating Bank Accounts in Payment App

Google is updating its Google Pay app, thus enabling users to organize payments to people and businesses in a better way. The article below is about this news and not only. By the way, if you’re interested in payment experts such as, you can find the necessary information as well. & Google Pay App

The internet giant has recently announced its partnership with commercial banks and credit unions. As a result, users will be able to manage mobile-based accounts through the Google Pay platform. So, Alphabet’s Google has relaunched its U.S. payment app, offering users paid promotions and a waitlist for bank accounts to be available in 2021 with Citigroup and not only.

Google has been offering financial services since 2015, however, this new upgrade speaks of a significant change. This upgrade won’t cause the app to lose its core functionality and will allow users to enjoy new features for better management of their finances.

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Google Pay App Upgarde

The latest upgrade has made Google a direct competitor to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and some neo-banks, as well as to other apps and services. Google Pay will allow users to not only aggregate data from a variety of banks but also provide data analyses and special offers.

Conotoxia Pay users can now access Google Pay. Google Pay features include more than one benefit. Basically, important payment information comes encrypted and then gets stored on secure servers. Moreover, virtual account numbers are available to protect personal information and card details, which should ease GRC concerns. Users can find other benefits as well.

So, Google Pay has announced its latest update, which is great for the banking industry. Namely, Google is integrating bank accounts in payment app and has also been added as the next payment method to Conotoxia Pay.

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