December 2020

Andrew Barnett Explains How M&A Looks Like In The Pandemic

Andrew Barnett has also served in the development of production workflow for Reader’s Digest. In 1999, he became the vice president of full-service printing and sign business named Dollarsignz. Eight years later, in 2007, Andrew helped McDermit Colorspan to test biodegradable inks in UV printing.

Andrew Barnett has set up its own company as Andrew Barnett Mergers and Acquisitions. He does not just own but also manages the company. This company provides services throughout the South Florida area that includes Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, and Victoria Park.

Delay And Abandonment Of Contracts

Since 2012, there has been seen a drastic reduction in worldwide M&A. This has caused deal-making to drop to the lowest level. The value of M&A fell to 50% at the start of 2020. General ambiguity combined with the recession caused due to coronavirus has resulted in the cancellation or delay of several transactions.

The contracts that have advanced take longer due to challenges linked to due diligence. Cautious buyers are finding ways to reduce the risks. The sellers are experiencing that their business is scrutinized than usual.

They are forced to showcase the influence of the epidemic on their supply chains, customers, infrastructure, and marketing. Deal activity is limited by disturbances to social mobility, travel, restrictions, and office closures, on physical meetings.

Stricter Foreign Trade Law

The impact of the epidemic on M&A is combined by the stricter foreign trade law and geopolitics. Stronger penalties for violations are introduced. More powers are granted to impose agreement with FIRB approval situations, levy new situations, and relax a transaction after approval of FIRB.

Shifting Goals And The Growth Of Resourceful M&A

The M&A market has shown signs of life as companies familiarize themselves with this new world in a pandemic. Contracts are still happening amidst the crisis. The Asia Pacific has seen around a 7% reduction in the overall volume and the other sectors are experiencing smaller declines compared to other areas of the world.

On the other hand, the media, telecommunications, and technology industries are reporting a rise of 13% increase. Similarly, there has been an increase in opportunities in areas such as travel, casual dining, and retail. The reason behind this is that buyers look forward to capitalizing on these extraordinary times.


During a financial crisis, organizations feel pressure to combine with similar types of organizations. M&A consulting firms help businesses manage challenges and effectively execute mergers and acquisitions in the business.

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Covid Safe Businesses: What You Need To Know

Covid or coronavirus has taken over the whole world recently. This virus outbreak first took place in Wuhan, China, and then spread across all the world parts. It has been almost a year, and still, there are traces of this virus in every country. Many people lost their lives battling against this virus, and some are still suffering from its symptoms. Also, many businesses have shut down because of this virus.

More About It

The lockdown has forced many companies to pause their work while others have also closed their job completely. One cannot run a business from home entirely. He or she needs the company’s employees to carry out the work. After three to four months of lockdown, finally, work has started, and the government has ensured its citizen to carry on their work with ensuring proper safety since the scientists are still working hard for the vaccine.

What measures are laid down by the government?

  • Since the work has been resumed, a business entity must ensure that all its employees have proper masks. They must ensure that a regular temperature check has to be maintained by each employee. Further, on entering and leaving the office, people must thoroughly sanitize their hands so that there is no chance of the virus spread to other people.
  • These were regarding business entities. Regarding restaurants and small cafes, rules are somewhat safe, but some of them are different too. People working in these restaurants must wear gloves when they work and ensure regular temperature checks. Regarding customers, they must provide that may sit a little far from each other to ensure proper social distancing.

Why is a covid safe business essential?

Coronavirus is harmful to one’s health. Many know and are, therefore ensuring proper precautions. Some may be lenient and may not take adequate care, but this virus is still impacting humanity. Innumerable hospitals, hotels, and guest houses have been taken as a quarantine center, as many active cases are many each day. Even a small sneeze or coughing is harmful to the one who is doing it and those around them. Hence regarding these steps, Covid safe businesses are essential and must be followed by every business that has resumed their work.

People can visit the website to get complete information about a business’s safety measures and whether these measures have been certified or not.

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