June 5, 2020

Virtual Office & Traditional Office – Understanding the Difference

A virtual office is a recent concept, it is different to a traditional office setting and many startups and entrepreneurs take advantage of this affordable option. There are benefits to having both a virtual office and a conventional office, it all depends on your business. If you don’t understand what makes them differ, this article should help.


The first and most obvious difference between the two is the physical space. For example, when you rent a virtual office in Sydney, you don’t have an actual office. You get a virtual address in a building in Sydney, where all your mail can be sent to and you can schedule once off meetings. You don’t rent the office, you rent the address. A virtual office gives you a mailing address, phone, and email service.

Minimal Employee/Employer Interactions

Having a virtual office means you no longer communicate with other employees or your employer in a traditional sense. Nearly all your communication will be done digitally, primarily mediated through technology. There is no need to have everyone in the same location as you would have with a traditional office setting. People who use a virtual office tend to work remotely, they’ve more flexibility and don’t need to be in the same location from 9 to 5.


When it comes to cost, renting a virtual office saves you money. With a traditional office space, your only option is a long-term contract. You won’t be able to secure short-term office space with a traditional provider; your best solution is to opt for a virtual office or a serviced office. Although a virtual office is cheaper, you still must pay for some overheads.

When it comes to renting conventional office space, you have to think of things such as:

  • IT & Support Services
  • Office Furniture
  • Office Equipment


There are many studies that suggest that having a virtual office is more productive for companies. Employees aren’t under constant pressure from their peers and they seem to feel more comfortable with this type of environment. In a traditional setting, managers can sometimes suffocate workers.

There are a lot of differences between a virtual office and a traditional one. Technology dominates the way we do business, so many startups and entrepreneurs are choosing to make use of a virtual office as opposed to a conventional setting. It takes pressure off the daily 9-5 grind and improves productivity. You will find plenty of good quality virtual and serviced office providers in Sydney.

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